Expancel’s ability to reduce weight and influence product properties contributes to smarter solutions for more sustainable future. From weight reduction in automotive products that helps cut fuel consumption to reflective coatings - Expancel helps bring green ideas to life.

Doing more with less

Why is Nouryon committed to sustainability? Well, our success depends on it. It's clear that our future hinges on the ability to do radically more while using less. More innovation means less traditional solutions. More renewable energy and materials means less reliance on fossil-based energy. It's about a more value chain focus and less introverted thinking.

The question is; how do we turn an obvious challenge into a clear opportunity and bring more value to our customers and society in general? By proving that limited resources shouldn't limit ambition and imagination. In fact, it's the opposite.

Our strategy of radical efficiency involves working with customers and suppliers to discover infinite possibilities in a finite world. It's our commitment to finding opportunities where they don't normally appear.

Read more about Nouryon's sustainability approach here.

Reflective coatings for lower energy consumption

Reflective elastomeric wall and roof coatings are an example of the new, sustainable approaches Expancel helps make possible.

In warm climates, air conditioning can account for up to 70% of residential energy consumption. Cool-roof coatings formulated with our microspheres enhances solar reflection and brings down the surface temperature. This makes a significant contribution to energy efficiency by reducing the need for air conditioning.

With Expancel Microspheres, it's possible to create coatings that are both protective and environmentally beneficial. Expancel has an excellent reflectance capacity for solar radiation, especially in the near-infrared region. This helps keep the building cool in the sun and improves the durability of the coating.

Another key attribute is Expancel's ability to reduce thermal conductivity, significantly improving the interior coating's insulation properties. Commonly used mineral fillers have the opposite effect. In addition to these benefits, Expancel also enables coatings that combine very low water absorption with high vapor permeability.

All in all, a great way of doing more with less.

Cutting kilos from cars

The need to reduce weight is a major priority for the automotive industry. Lighter vehicles result in less fuel consumption. Expancel's low density and closed cell structure make it a valuable component in expandable adhesives and sealant materials, including underbody coatings that protect against stone chips, water, salt and other road hazards.

Adding Expancel Microspheres creates lightweight alternatives that has all the protective properties of heavy-duty coatings whilst extending lifespan and contributing to weight reduction.

Just one more simple example of how Expancel can expand sustainability.