When it comes to a blowing agent, a controlled foam structure makes your production process go a lot smoother. Not only do Expancel Microspheres expand up to 60 times in volume, they also promise highly controlled foaming and a closed, uniform cell structure when used as a blowing agent. In some applications, this guards better against water penetration. In others, it lets you create internal pressure to combat shrinkage.

Controlled results with our blowing agents

Compared to chemical blowing agents Expancel Microspheres’ fine, uniform cells achieves a more controlled result on foamed end products. However, if your application calls for a ‘best of both worlds’ effect, Expancel can be mixed with chemical or physical blowing agents.

It’s what makes Expancel Microspheres (Expancel DU, WU, MB, SL and FG) the perfect choice as your sole blowing agent or combined with other forms.

Expancel Microspheres blowing agents - expand when heated

Watch video explaining Expancel as blowing agent and lightweight filler

Our microspheres, decades in the making, are thermoplastic particles with shells that encapsulates gas. This will make your product not just cost effective and light but also add numerous other benefits.

They expand at temperatures ranging from 80°C - 235°C (185°F - 455°F) for a range of advantages and a host of applications.

A blowing agent bursting with benefits

  • A fine cellular foam structure for excellent performance at low viscosities
  • Stable foaming during processing
  • Shorter cycle times for efficiency in production
  • No post-expansion or sink-marks for high quality end results
  • Beautiful surface finishes for products that meet a high standard
  • Different particle sizes for smooth, or less than smooth, surface results
  • Helps to insulate sound for less noise and reflect harsh sunrays for a cooling effect

Expancel blowing agent products

Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Expancel WU Wet. Unexpanded For waterborne applications: carpet underlays, printing inks, technical textiles and nonwovens plus more.
Expancel DU Dry. Unexpanded For applications where no water can be added: industrial nonwoven textiles, underbody coatings & sealants, silicone rubber, shoe soles, etc.
Expancel MB Masterbatch. Dry. Unexpanded Masterbatch, mixed with a carrier. Used in thermoplastic applications where Expancel’s closed cells and uniform cell structure gets optimum results.
Expancel SL Slurry, dispersed in water. Unexpanded Used in applications like core board, box board, paper coatings and leather.
Expancel FG Foodgrade. Dry. Unexpanded Dry, unexpanded and as Masterbatch. Used in food packaging applications such as wine corks, cap seals, packaging and more.

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