Wind energy is becoming more affordable and competitive than it’s ever been. For composite materials, wind energy is the fastest growing end market.

In both onshore and offshore, the length of blades on wind turbines is increasing – so as to capture more energy. With the longest blades measuring up to 80m, more composite materials are required for manufacturing.

Lantor, our innovation partner of over three decades, is a leader in producing non-woven solutions for composites. Thus, playing a big role in the wind energy upsurge. As the wind energy industry is strongly focused on further lowering the cost of energy, Lantor is now dedicated to developing more efficient material solutions for the wind turbine market.

Lantor's patented products, Coremat® and Soric®, used for composites in wind turbines contains Expancel Microspheres, which brings several advantages. These include cost-effective increases in stiffness, weight reduction, flexibility and compression resistance. Plus, the ability to produce excellent surface finishes. The Expancel team enjoys a close working relationship with Lantor which leads to innovations in new processes. The energy-saving and sustainability benefits of our microspheres are also key factors in helping Lantor remain market leaders in composite materials.

Speak to us about developing the highest quality composites for wind turbines. Let’s work together to provide sustainable solutions for a planet that needs more of them.

For more on Expancel for wind turbines, click here. And watch the video below to learn how we innovate together with Lantor.

February 17, 2018

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