According to trend forecasters, the chunky sole "dad sneaker" isn’t going away anytime soon. High-end brands have taken it upon themselves to service their audience with various styles, with the most popular of these labels costing upwards of USD 850. This shoe trend is gaining popularity across the globe, especially in the east where traditional western sneaker brands are seeing greater success.

Despite its thick, bulky soles and worn out look, the fashionable youth are sporting these shoes in both casual and formal settings. But, its questionable how comfortable most of these shoes can be. In some cases, an individual shoe can weigh up to almost a kilogram. That’s a lot of extra, unnecessary weight to be carrying around on your feet just to be in vogue. But, manufacturers can maintain a desired style without compromising on certain factors.

Add volume without adding weight

Expancel lets you maintain design aesthetics and preserve certain comfort features in shoe soles. The expandable microspheres allow you to add volume without adding weight. The low density of the microspheres is vital for creating a shoe sole that is not only light, but also very comfortable for long hours on the foot.

Used as a blowing agent, the uniform, closed-cell microspheres enable a controlled foaming process. Making it much easier to avoid sink marks and voids in the molded sole. Expancel Microspheres gives you the option to create surface finishes such as matt rubber for the best quality shoes that consumers around the world demand.

Transparency Market Research predicts that the global sneaker market could be valued at USD 220.2 billion by 2020. With footwear culture rapidly spreading to many parts of the world, manufacturers will have greater demands placed on them. Expancel has a proven track record of helping its partners in producing high quality shoe soles through the many benefits of its microspheres and unmatched expertise.

Speak to us about producing lightweight, high quality shoe soles for a booming market.

June 14, 2018

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