Our spheres are small ingredients in your products, but they can make a big difference for your success – today and tomorrow.

Continuous innovation is the foundation for future triumphs. We therefore always listen to the wishes of the market and try to create possibilities for our customers through new Expancel Microspheres products.

But what does it take to develop a new product? This depends on if it is just a modification of an existing product or if we are talking about a whole new concept. The first could be done fairly quickly with a small amount of people, while the latter might involve many different departments over a longer period.

Our small Expancel 920 DU 20 sphere, which we launched a couple of years ago, is an example of a product that demanded a lot and took long time. Many people were involved, we made changes in our production, new methods and chemicals were introduced. It was also necessary to educate our personnel on how to handle the news it brought with it.

Innovation in microspheres

Annsofie Torgnysdotter is project leader for the 920-20 project: "We ran into some obstacles on the way during the development of this product, but we have solved them all and had a great outcome of the project. Not only did we invent a new small sphere, but the changes we made also affect other products in a positive way".

If the 920-20 project was a high maintenance project, our recently introduced 043-80  is an example of a project that involved a smaller group of people and that could be done without adjustments in our existing processes.

Big or small – our customers' ideas for the future will always be at the core of our innovation.

May 30, 2017

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