On June 4, Nouryon celebrated the completion of a €20 million project in Sundsvall, Sweden. This investment significantly raises production capacity for Expancel expandable microspheres. The grand opening was attended by customers, employees and government officials.

Expancel expands production capacity

Expancel is a business within Nouryon that was born in Sundsvall, Sweden, 40 years ago and that has been growing ever since.

On June 4 we celebrated the completion of a significant increase in production capacity for our Expancel Microspheres.

With customers that are constantly growing and a product that consistently finds new applications and uses, it’s important to keep up. After a couple of constrained years when we have worked hard to squeeze as much as possible out of existing production, we are now happy to report that our new production line is inaugurated.

The project to extend the production of Expancel Microspheres in Sundsvall, Sweden, was kicked-off two years ago. After a well-run project, the first batch was successfully produced in April this year.

A lot of people were involved with the project to complete it in time, on budget, and with full focus on safety. Many had therefore gathered to celebrate the official inauguration. Not only employees, but also customers and government officials, including the Swedish Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation, Mr Ibrahim Baylan.

Ibrahim Baylan, Swedish Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation, and Niek Stapel, Managing Director for Pulp and Performance Chemicals, Nouryon, cut the ribbon.

It’s all about our customers

Without our customers we could not have had this amazing growth during the 40 years Expancel has been on the market. This production expansion is the most recent step in our constant commitment to grow together with our customers. It brings positive effects to all of them, worldwide, whether in Germany, Alaska, Argentina or Philippines.

Niek Stapel, Managing Director for Pulp and Performance Chemicals at Nouryon, was one of the speakers at the inauguration, and he said: "This expansion is a commitment to our customers to grow the Expancel business. It has been done in the past and we will continue to do so in the future".

In March this year we revealed our intent to also invest in a future US plant for our microspheres. This project is still in its early stages and subject to final board approval, but it is totally in line with our ambitions. As Niek Stapel said at the release of these news: "These projects reflect Nouryon’s commitment to be a trusted partner for our customers, who rely on us to support the growth of their business. We will take our growth ambitions to the next level by making strategic investments with attractive returns tailored to the needs of our customers."

Sylvia Winkel Pettersson, Director of Sales & Marketing Expancel

Sylvia Winkel Pettersson, Director Sales and Marketing Expancel, was both proud and happy on the day of the inauguration. Proud of all the people who made this possible, both in completing the expansion project, but also everyone who work hard every day to support you in different ways. Happy about the increased capacity. "It’s a day of joy that finally, after two years, this project is completed. It’s a great starting point to venture into a more forward looking future again".

We will continue on this path and look forward to being a partner in our customers' growth for another 40 years - and more.

Read the press release here.

June 11, 2019

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