Most of us have probably never visited the big fashion shows in Paris or New York. But even if we don’t sit in the front row, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about what we wear. Maybe you want to follow the latest style, or wear outfits that support your professional image. Or you just want to be comfortable.

From very early on, back in the beginning of the 80’s, Expancel Microspheres has been used in printing inks. One example is T-shirts with 3D prints on them. It could be Expancel in the ink giving it that relief effect. If you have ever visited India maybe you bought an Indian sari as a souvenir, with beautiful patterns. Look closer, is the embroidery really embroidery or is it ink with Expancel creating that look?

Over the years the uses have multiplied and today you can for example find our microspheres in both genuine leather  – perfecting it by covering up natural defects – and in artificial leather  creating a smooth, genuine look. So maybe your favorite leather bag has that nice look and feel thanks to Expancel.

Our microspheres also provides comfort in for example shoe soles. With Expancel you get a lighter shoe and the resilience of the spheres gives a shock absorption. All giving you a pleasant walk.

3D, embroidery, suede or just plain comfort; whatever your style is, it could be Expancel Microspheres that help you achieve it.

December 15, 2016

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