Already back at the second half of the 80’s we decided to provide our customers with a low cost, easy-to-use, on-site expansion unit. We wanted to sell unexpanded material instead of expanded as that would be cost effective for you as well as more sustainable.

During the years a couple of different types of expanders have seen the day of light. They did the job, but were not as cost efficient and easy-to-use as we had envisioned. Then at the turn of the millennia we took an idea, which didn’t work 25 years earlier, put it together with modern technology - and the HEA was born!

Now, 15 years and 50 units later, our unique, patented expansion technology has proven to be everything we wanted it to be. Robust, cost effective and uncomplicated - providing customers all over the world with lightweight Expancel Microspheres.

Our service

Customers have told us that the HEA they lease from us is among the most important assets of their companies. This is a responsibility we take very seriously!

Making sure the units have been thoroughly checked regarding quality and safety before installation is number one. And giving you the training you need to run it efficiently.

Our yearly service visits are all about preventive maintenance and development. We exchange wearing parts before their end of life and are constantly upgrading the machines with the latest technology. All to make sure you have a reliable production partner.

Our people

The HEA was invented by Lars-Olof Svedberg, Guy Hovland and Thomas Holmlund, but since then the team has grown. With 50 units out in the world, and the number constantly growing, it is essential that we have a professional and dedicated service team.

Expancel expansion technology, HEA

The HEA team in front of the unit: Olof Westman, Thomas Holmlund, Naila Wermelin, Anders Engström, Johannes Samuelsson and Fredrik Svensson. (Missing: Guy Hovland and Chris Rosenbusch)

Fredrik Svensson is Application and Technical Manager: "We now have seven service engineers who are working closely with our HEA customers. Not only during installations and the yearly service visits, but they are also available to answer any questions the customers may have".

More to come

"Our HEA’s have become a great success among our customers", Fredrik explains, "but that doesn’t mean we are satisfied. All through our history we have held entrepreneurship and innovations high and this will continue to be at the heart of what we do. The HEA units are for customers using Expancel DE  (dry, expanded). Shortly we will launch a new technology that will benefit our customers using Expancel WE  (wet, expanded) , which we are very excited about."

A new team has recently been put together with the focus of development and innovation of new technology. This will ensure that we continue our tradition to offer you tools to handle our spheres safely and cost effectively.

The technology and experienced service we provide sets us apart from many other filler manufacturers.

May 18, 2017

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