We are happy to introduce Expancel 043 - a high performing product with low impact on the environment. Expancel 043 is our new high performing medium temperature product. It has very good chemical resistance and excellent expansion capacity which makes it suitable in applications with a process temperature in the range of 115-180°C. It is an excellent partner in applications such as artificial leather, wallpaper, rubber, nonwoven, underbody coatings and polyester.

A couple of years ago a customer contacted us asking for a product that would help them in their innovations. Their request was for a sphere with slightly different characteristics than our existing Expancel Microspheres products. 

For 1.5 years we worked closely with the customer to develop our new midsized high performing Expancel 043 DU 80. It is a product with very good expansion at medium temperatures, and with high chemical resistance and thermostability. 

Jonas Vestin is responsible for the launching of this product. "It is always positive to work together with a customer to develop a product that will help them in their business", he says and continues: "We also see big possibilities for customers in several other areas".

Expancel 043 DU 80 for applications such as artificial leather, wallpaper, rubber, nonwoven, underbody coatings and polyester.

Our new 043 DU 80 is suitable in PVC based applications where you don’t want too large particles. Some examples are artificial leather, wallpaper, underbody coatings  and rubber.

It also comes in an expanded version, 043 DET 80. We see this as a good lightweight provider in for example polyester.

As an extra benefit we expect 043 DET 80 to be able to replace one of our veterans – 461 DET 80. Thanks to the technology we have today, 043 contains more sustainable components. We are proud to be able to offer our customers the choice of high performance with lower environmental impact.

June 18, 2016

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