To be honest we all want to live comfortable lives. Right? But we also realize that we need to do it in a responsible way. Imagine reducing electrical energy consumption by 40 % without losing anything in comfort! Or making the most of renewable energy such as wind. With Expancel Microspheres we make these possibilities a reality.

Join us in our world’s energy challenge

Nouryon has long been an industry leader in sustainability and our commitment remains unchanged going forward. On a daily basis we strive to do more with less. Not only in our own energy efficiency, but also helping you create new sustainable solutions with our products.

Will you join us on the road towards a more sustainable world?

Using less energy and more renewable energy are two ways to go. Expancel Microspheres support both.

How Expancel Microspheres provide comfort with less energy

In the warmer parts of the world, the need for air conditioning (AC) is rising as living standards improve and climate change takes effect. Nouryon works together with coatings producers to minimize this need. With Expancel in the mix, cool roof coatings really bring the external roof temperature down – by as much as 15°C. This gives you a comfortable indoor climate with less AC. Actually, we have seen that as much as 40 % electrical energy for cooling can be saved every year! If you want to know how, meet us at the European Coatings Show or Andina Paint where we will present the latest research findings on Expancel in elatomeric cool roof coatings.

Watch the video below to learn how Expancel does wonders as a filler in elastomeric cool roof coatings.

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Efficient and affordable renewable energy

Wind energy is a renewable energy that is picking up speed. As wind turbines becomes more effective and price competitive they bring real value to our energy supply. Expancel is used in composites for this industry, and has been for years. Our products provide a cost-effective increase in stiffness, weight reduction, flexibility and compression resistance. Contributing to the development of more affordable high-quality wind turbines. Which is crucial for the success going forward.

One of our partners in this work is Lantor. Watch the video below to see how we innovate together.

Talk to us about Expancel in composites at JEC World 2019, we look forward to meeting you there!

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We see sustainability not just as the right thing to do, but as a true business opportunity that delivers value to everyone involved.

March 1, 2019

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