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News stories

Hello again!

We are Nouryon - your partner in essential chemistry for a sustainable future. Oct 10, 2018

The sweeping winds across America

Wind energy production is ramping up in the USA. June 14, 2018

Europe's power balance

Studies predict massive surge in power consumption across southern Europe. June 14, 2018

Chunky but light

How to maintain design aesthetics without adding weight. June 14, 2018

The AC boom

ACs account for 6% usage of all the energy produced in the USA. February 20, 2018

Leading the wind revolution

How Expancel brings out the best in composites for the world’s new wind turbines. February 17, 2018

The world's thirst for Air Con

How Expancel can help companies alleviate rising power consumption needs. February 8, 2018

AkzoNobel ranks highest in sustainability

Once again AkzoNobel is no 1 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. December 9, 2017

New product

Meet our new high performer Expancel 043. June 18, 2017

Innovation is key

Small ingredients that can make a big difference for our customers' success. May 30, 2017

Celebrating 50 expansion units

Our technology at your service. May 18, 2017

Expancel on the front row

Expancel gives clothes both style and comfort - from the top of your hat to the soles of your shoes. December 15, 2016

Stricter regulations on air pollution

How Expancel Microspheres help reduce air pollution in China. December 11, 2016

FDA's seal of approval

Expancel brings new possibilities to food packaging. June 17, 2016

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