Why go with something like glass microspheres when you can get much lower densities with our lightweight fillers? Since today’s consumer goods need to be amazingly light, while being the right size proportions, manufacturers face several challenges.

Expancel Microspheres as a lightweight filler will add volume without significantly adding weight, many times with a positive effect on the final product properties. Our lightweight fillers allow you to substitute heavier substances with small portions of Expancel expanded microspheres and achieve better overall results. This means making true quality, lightweight products without sacrificing volume. And saving big on raw material costs in the process.

Lightweight fillers with extremely low density

Our DE (dry, expanded) and WE (wet, expanded) lightweight filler variants have densities as low as 25kg/m³ depending on the product.

Volume comparison of 7 grams each of different fillers

Watch video explaining Expancel as lightweight filler and blowing agent

The lightweight filler that’s bursting with benefits

Expancel lightweight filler products

Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Expancel WE Wet. Expanded Solid content of about 15%, used in waterborne products. Great for paint and crack fillers, reflective coatings, leather finishing and more.
Expancel DE Dry. Expanded Used in products where no water can be added. Great for polyester putty, cultured marble, model-making board and more.

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