9 April - 12 April 2018 Indianapolis, IN, USA

Join us at the American Coatings Show 2018 to learn more about Expancel Microspheres in elastomeric cool roof coatings.

The American Coatings Show and Conference is a leading North American industry event, setting trends for future developments in the industry. Offering immediate business opportunities, a complete portfolio of high-grade competitive products, and access to top coatings decision makers, the 2018 show is a must-attend event. The American Coatings Show will gather some 500+ companies presenting their products. The American Coatings Conference will provide an in-depth comprehensive overview of advancements in coatings formulations, as well as key technological developments.

Talk to us about cool roof coatings at American Coatings Show 2018

In our booth #1582 at the American Coatings Show we will showcase Expancel Microspheres and highlight our product in elastomeric cool roof coatings. Specifically important in warm and sunny climates, Expancel Microspheres in cool roof coatings can reduce the indoor temperature by as much as 15°C/27°F and, thus, reduce the need for energy-consuming AC's.

Our experts, Jan Nordin and Olof Sandin, will present our latest research findings on Expancel Microspheres in elastomeric cool roof coatings during the American Coatings Conference. Don't miss out on their presentation:

Tuesday, April 10 at 2:00-2:30 pm
Session 9: Architectural Coatings II

Take the chance to discuss how to formulate elastomeric cool roof coatings with them during the show.

Jan Nordin - expert in cool roof coatings
Jan Nordin - Senior Application Specialist

Jan Nordin is a Senior Application Specialist with Expancel product properties and applications. If it’s an almost encyclopedic knowledge of microspheres you want, this is your guy. Jan has a solid 30 years of R&D experience, the last 19 of which he spent within our company. Having obtained his PhD in Inorganic Surface Chemistry at Sweden’s Umeå University, he went on to complete his post-doc at California’s UC Davis.

Olof Sandin - expert in cool roof coatings
Olof Sandin - Application Engineer
Olof Sandin is an expert in achieving the maximum with Expancel Microspheres, especially when formulating elastomeric cool roof coatings. Equipped with a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Sweden’s Uppsala University, Olof joined our company in 2013 to become an Application Engineer.

You may book a meeting with Jan and Olof, or any other of our representatives, during the American Coatings Show by filling out the form below. They are present in our booth on the exhibition floor throughout the event.

Learn more about Expancel in elastomeric cool roof coatings.

For more information about the American Coatings Show and Conference visit the event website.

We look forward to meeting you at the American Coatings Show in Indianapolis!

Monday 9 April - Thursday 12 April 2018

    • Indiana Convention Center
    • Indianapolis, IN
    • USA

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