Expancel SL is a fantastic example of how easily our microspheres disperse in water. With particle sizes ranging from 10μm – 16μm, Expancel SL expand at temperatures up to 125°C (257°F) and are perfect for getting the right bulk and stiffness in your product or adding antislip properties to your paper coating.

Benefits of Expancel SL

  • Improve bulk, stiffness and flexibility (1% Expancel increases bulk and thickness up to 25%)
  • Reduction in grammage is possible
  • Improve production capacity
  • Adding antislip properties in coatings
Expancel SL

Expancel SL specification and SDS. The beauty is in the science.

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Variations of Expancel Microsphere content, %

Particle Size(1)

µm D(0.5)

Temperature start(2) (°C) Temperature maximum(2)(°C) Density(2)(kg/m3) Safety Data Sheet
820 SL 40 40 10-16 85-95 115-125 ≤ 25 SDS >
820 SLU 40 44 10-16 85-95 115-125 ≤ 25 SDS >

(1) "Particle size of Expancel Microspheres"
(2) "Thermomechanical analysis of Expancel MS"

Delivered as slurry in 1 m3 containers. Use the product within two years after production date, if unopened.

Not all grades available in all locations. Check local sales office for availability.

SLU means that no salt (NaCL) has been added to the slurry. The addition of salt will further decrease the expansion temperature by approx 8 to 10°C.

Why buy from us

  • We have developed and produced Expancel for more than 35 years
  • Own production plants in Sweden, China, USA and Brazil
  • We deliver a total solution, from top quality microspheres to product development support and on-site expansion systems
  • Experienced sales and application engineers will work closely with you all the way
Product specifications

Expancel SL application areas

Seats, plastic interiors for automotive

Improve flexibility and surface finishes

Genuine leather

Get the most of leather by covering up defects and upgrading for a true quality look


A cost-saving and production capacity-enhancing solution for bulk

All applications

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Expancel WU

For waterborne applications: carpet underlays, printing inks, technical textiles and nonwovens plus more.

Expancel MB

Masterbatch, mixed with a carrier. Used in thermoplastic applications where Expancel’s closed cells and uniform cell structure gets optimum results.

Expancel FG

Dry, unexpanded and as Masterbatch. Used in food packaging applications such as wine corks, cap seals, packaging and more.

Expancel DU

For applications where no water can be added: industrial nonwoven textiles, underbody coatings & sealants, silicone rubber, shoe soles, etc.

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