Discover our grades of Masterbatch, Expancel MB, that improves the dispersion of microspheres. The closed, uniform cell structure not only gives you complete control in the foaming, Expancel MB also adds essential benefits in thermoplastic products like shoe soles, cables, hoses, profiles, sheets and various food packaging applications.

Benefits of Expancel MB in shoe production

Expancel MB
  • Avoid sink marks and voids in molded shoe soles
  • Low density for comfortable, lightweight shoes
  • Matt rubber finishes for premium look and feel

Expancel MB specification and SDS. The beauty is in the science.

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Variations of Expancel Grade of Microsphere

Concentration of Microsphere

Carrier Height (1)of foaming (mm) Bulk density (g/l) Safety Data Sheet
920 MB 120 920-120 65 ± 1 Copolymer of ethylene vinylacetate (EVA) 90–140 (200°C) 400–500 SDS >
930 MB 120 930-120 65 ± 1 Copolymer of ethylene vinylacetate (EVA) 100–150 (200°C) 400–500 SDS >
950 MB 80 950-80 65 ± 1 Copolymer of ethylene vinylacetate (EVA) 90–130 (210°C) 400–500 SDS >
951 MB 120 951-120 65 ± 1 Copolymer of ethylene vinylacetate (EVA) 100–150 (210°C) 400–500 SDS >

980 MB 120

980-120 65 ± 1 Copolymer of ethylene vinylacetate (EVA) 70–110 (210°C) 400–500 SDS >

(1) Analytical Method QMS-56

Use the product within 3 years after production date, if unopened.

Not all grades available in all locations. Check local sales office for availability.

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  • We have developed and produced Expancel for more than 35 years
  • Own production plants in Sweden, China, USA and Brazil
  • We deliver a total solution, from top quality microspheres to product development support and on-site expansion systems
  • Experienced sales and application engineers will work closely with you all the way

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