Producing food packaging involves lots of rigorous safety tests. It's best to work with a partner whose microspheres meet regulations approved by authorities worldwide.

Expancel FG products have been given the green light by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for use in agglomerated wine corks. It meets European regulation 10/2011 for plastic packaging and has been approved by the Germany's BfR food safety authority, for use in paper packaging. For any application that packages food and beverages, Expancel FG will enhance its safety and consistency. It's a popular ingredient in the production of agglomerated and synthetic wine corks, cap seals, coatings and packaging.

A mouthful of benefits of Expancel FG

  • High-resistance microspheres for airtight and shrink-free wine corks that preserves the liquid
  • Allows you to clean cork at granule size which helps avoid cork taint
  • Controlled foaming to realize the full potential of synthetic cork
  • Highly compressible microspheres for no-shrink, anti-absorption sealing
Expancel FG

Expancel FG specification and SDS. The beauty is in the science.

Request a sample and speak to our experts on how best to use Expancel FG. Available as DU and Masterbatch.

Expancel DU

Variations of Expancel Particle size(1) of Expancel MS Temperature start(2) (°C) Temperature maximum(2)(°C) TMA-density(2) Density(2)at 140°C Safety Data Sheet
FG52 DU 80 * 16–24 µm 94–105°C     ≤ 25 [kg/m³] SDS >
FG92 DU 120 28–38 µm 122–132°C 194–206°C ≤ 14 [kg/m³]   SDS >

Expancel MB

Variations of Expancel Concentration of MS [%] Carrier Height of foaming [mm](3) Bulk density [g/l] Safety Data Sheet
FG92 MB 120 65 ± 1 Copolymer of ethylene vinylacetate (EVA) 90–140 (200°C) 400–500 SDS >

(1)"Particle size of Expancel MS"
(2)"Thermomechanical analysis of Expancel MS"
(3)"Analytical Method QMS-56"

*Expancel FG52 DU 80 is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, for use in agglomerated cork.

Use the product within three years after production date, if unopened.

Not all grades available in all locations. Check local sales office for availability.

Why buy from us

  • We have developed and produced Expancel for 40 years
  • Own production plants in Sweden, China, USA and Brazil
  • We deliver a total solution, from top quality microspheres to product development support and on-site expansion systems
  • Experienced sales and application engineers will work closely with you all the way

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