Lighter, more comfortable shoes is a part of daily life for consumers in every corner of the globe. And the most comfortable shoes are the ones that make you forget you're wearing them. To deliver this requires the best processes in developing the shoe soles - the comfort epicenter of any shoe. Expancel continually helps its partners in making high quality shoe soles with its uniform, closed cell structured microspheres.

Expancel for lighter shoe soles

Used as a blowing agent, the microspheres help you achieve a very important factor during the foaming process – control. This then makes it much easier to avoid sink marks and voids in the molded shoe sole.

Expancel Microspheres lets you add volume without simultaneously adding weight. The low density of the microspheres is vital for creating a shoe sole that is not only light, but also very comfortable for long hours on the foot.

With consumer goods, as universal as shoes are, the right look and feel is critical in influencing a purchase decision. Expancel Microspheres gives you the option to create surface finishes such as matt rubber for the best quality shoes that consumers around the world demand.

The best suited Expancel products for shoe soles

Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Expancel DU Dry. Unexpanded For applications where no water can be added: industrial nonwoven textiles, underbody coatings & sealants, silicone rubber, shoe soles, etc.
Expancel MB Masterbatch. Dry. Unexpanded Masterbatch, mixed with a carrier. Used in thermoplastic applications where Expancel’s closed cells and uniform cell structure gets optimum results.

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