Do you want to lower your costs and make your sealants and adhesives lighter? 

With Expancel Microspheres in the mix this can happen, while the sealants and adhesives continue to create the barriers and bonds they are supposed to.

Flexible and durable sealants and adhesives with Expancel Microspheres

A sealant that fails can have disastrous consequences in a building construction. You want to make sure it keeps its flexibility and durability. Our microspheres are compressible and resilient and will give you that flexibility that you are looking for.

Are you a producer of PU, silicone or acrylic sealants? Then Expancel is especially suitable, but other systems are also possible. By varying the addition levels of Expancel Microspheres into your sealant or adhesive you can modify properties such as viscosity, adhesion, elongation and hardness.

Even if you are happy with the properties you already have, you can benefit from Expancel. Use smaller amounts and with the volume the microspheres provide it will still mean cost savings on other raw materials and a lower weight of your sealant or adhesive.

For lighter, durable and more cost effective sealants and adhesives – try Expancel Microspheres.

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