Printing and branding go hand in hand. But if the printing ink lets you down, it can give off the wrong impression of a brand. Fortunately, Expancel for printing inks will achieve surface effects of the highest quality without compromising on your process.

First and foremost, our microspheres come with a closed, uniform cell structure. This enables you to add volume with foaming control that's close to perfection. Even at low temperatures.

Expancel in printing inks for desired surface effects

Using Expancel Microspheres in printing ink lets you create your desired surface effect on textiles, wallpapers, polyester film and much more. Our microspheres let you create 3D surface effects by heating the print to a temperature where the microspheres expand - before curing and drying the ink.

And if you want to achieve a soft, velvety look and feel, a smooth matt surface, a peach or suede finish – Expancel is available at different particle sizes to get the right outcome. Expancel's unexpanded microsphere products are designed for waterborne and solvent-borne formulations as well as PVC plastisols.

Developing printing inks with our microspheres will not only benefit your process, it'll give you a magnificent outcome for your application.

The best Expancel products for printing inks

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