Expancel Microspheres unleashes a variety of benefits in products that utilize lightweight foam.

The uniform, closed cell structure of the microspheres offers a near perfect control of the foaming during production and offers the proper adhesive qualities for various thermoplastics used in sandwich constructions. The microspheres' low density and superb compressibility will help you to produce lightweight foams with the right stiffness in proportion to low weight. Cavities filled with foamed microspheres will reduce noise and vibration.

Expancel in lightweight foam for helmet in-liners

Expancel Microspheres' shock absorption and recovery abilities are perfect for producing premium grade in-liners for helmets. Not only will helmets produced with our microspheres offer superior protection, they'll be relatively light as well.

The spherical shape of the microspheres can be used to achieve smooth, even surfaces and dimensional stability in vanishing casting models. And because the microspheres are filled with gas, they offer good insulation properties.

The best suited Expancel products for lightweight foam

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