Genuine leather should possess genuine quality. Adding Expancel will help you achieve this.

Expancel Microspheres will provide an upgrade that nicely covers up any defects letting you get more use out of your genuine leather. The fine, uniform cell structure of our microspheres together with its low water absorption and low density will get the best out of your genuine leather, whether it be by adding Expancel to stucco or base coat.

Stucco for genuine leather

Base coat for genuine leather

Our microspheres will also give you more for less. To increase yields in genuine leather, use an unexpanded Expancel product to fill out cavities in the loose flanks of hides and skins.

The best Expancel products for genuine leather

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Seats, plastic interiors for automotive

Improve flexibility and surface finishes

Artificial leather

Simple solution for artificial leather with premium surface effects

More applications

There are many more applications of Expancel

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