Keeping food fresh and unspoiled is the least you can expect from applying Expancel Microspheres to your food packaging process.

The compressible nature of our microspheres delivers high quality food packaging seals and performance that not only you can count on, but consumers can as well.

Approved food packaging solutions

With food packaging containing Expancel Microspheres, you'll be sure to avoid moisture absorption as well as shrinkage. Plus, we're very conscious about the importance of sustainability. Approved for use in wine corks by the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, in paper packaging by Germany's food safety body, BfR, and in compliance with the European regulation 10/2011 for plastic packaging, we work closely with our customers to produce food packaging solutions that meet the necessary safety requirements.

Expancel in various food packaging and wine corks

If you have an idea in mind, our team of experts are always at hand to brainstorm new possibilities in food packaging applications. The boundless potential that our microspheres contain will help you unleash a range of benefits that are fitting for modern, cutting-edge and versatile packaging and sealing solutions for food products.

Leader of the pack

Packaging for foods and drinks is a vital activity where practicality and innovation are key. Expancel provides an outstanding alternative for food packaging, ensuring solutions with the highest levels of safety and consistency.

Sustainability is high on the agenda for the food packaging industry and recyclable materials such as paperboard are increasingly popular. Expancel is approved by the German food-safety authority BfR for use in paper packaging.

Seal with safety

The high compressibility of Expancel Microspheres ensures resilient seals for food packaging that perform time and time again. No shrinkage, no water absorption. Expancel gives consistent results that you – and the end-consumer – can depend on.

The best Expancel products for food packaging

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