Some of the most beautiful cultured marble bathtubs, counter tops and wash basins are given extra quality through a superb ingredient - Expancel Microspheres.

Since cultured marble needs the right balance of several qualities for it to be a masterpiece, Expancel Microspheres let you get it right in every department.

Shock resistant cultured marble with Expancel

Highly elastic with an ability to withstand huge amounts of compression makes our microspheres adept at resisting thermal shock. This is especially important in cultured marble as it needs to withstand hot/cold cycles and thus, prevent from damaging over time. The resilience factor also comes into play during production phase, as Expancel Microspheres' elasticity greatly reduces the risk of cracks and other damage in cultured marble.

The low density of the microspheres lets you add bulk without adding weight which enables you to develop a durable, long-lasting cultured marble that's relatively light– even at low additions.

Our microspheres also create an internal pressure in the finished cultured marble product which counters shrinking. Plus, the closed cell structure of the microspheres reduces water absorption.

What's more, our microspheres make cultured marble easier to manage when it comes to crafting it. Drilling, sanding, cutting and trimming will take less toll on tools, which enhances their lifetime. Also, the low surface area of Expancel decreases the need for resin/binder compared to many other fillers. Saving you costs in the process.

The best suited Expancel product for cultured marble

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