Expancel will help you to improve bulk or reduce grammage keeping the caliper of your board. If you suffer from low production capacity due to limitations in steam consumption Expancel can improve your situation. Expancel can also help you reduce the paper losses during your board manufacturing by improving the caliper control on the machine.

Expancel for high bulk in core board and card board

Expancel Microspheres is used in board applications where a high bulk is needed. Expancel will improve bulk and bending stiffness of the board, 1% of Expancel can increase the bulk with up to 25%.

These effects are achieved when Expancel Slurry, added in the wet-end of the board machine, expands in the drying section, giving an increased bulk of the board.

Expancel Slurry can also be coated with a binder on the surface of board or paper to provide anti-slip properties.

The best suited Expancel products for board and paper coating

Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Expancel SL Slurry, dispersed in water. Unexpanded Used in applications like core board, box board, paper coatings and leather.

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