Low weight, elastic, and highly compressible – Expancel Microspheres are perfectly suited to the production of automotive weather strips.

Weather strips with low weight and desired surface appearance

Expancel Microspheres' uniform, closed cell structure results in a stable, controlled foaming process and is a phenomenal blowing agent on its own, or combined with a chemical blowing agent. Our microspheres reduce density allowing your weather strips to be lighter while still offering its protective properties. Even low dosages of Expancel will reduce the weight and let you save on raw material costs.

Expancel's uniformity in particle size, and the possibility to choose different particle sizes, enables production of desired surface appearance of your automotive weather strips.

The best suited Expancel product for automotive weather strips

Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Expancel DU Dry. Unexpanded For applications where no water can be added: industrial nonwoven textiles, underbody coatings & sealants, silicone rubber, shoe soles, etc.

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