Expancel, used as a blowing agent in plastisols, for underbody coatings and sealants brings many advantages. Our microspheres possess low density plus high elasticity and a uniform cell structure.

These characters enable you to reduce weight and improve the stone chip resistance of the underbody coating. By being able to produce automotive parts that are lighter in weight, our microspheres assist in better fuel efficiency overall.

Lightweight underbody coatings and sealants with Expancel

The volume contribution of the microspheres is key in getting the best out of an expandable sealant. This can be used to fill cavities, and for sound and vibration dampening. The microspheres are also able to pass the spray nozzle unbroken while maintaining their volume.

With Expancel, even in waterborne systems, you will develop underbody coatings and sealants with a lower density, better protection and improved insulation. Even at low additions. All of which are invaluable benefits in a very competitive industry.

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