Low in density and high in flexibility. Expancel is extremely useful in getting the best out of leather (genuine and artificial) as well as plastics. This makes our microspheres highly suited to help produce products for automotive interiors like seats, dashboards, door sides and many other interior parts.

Lightweight plastic automotive interiors

For plastic automotive interiors, the closed cells offer controlled foaming. An easy flowing matrix enhances expansion capacity and enables low densities even at low additions. Expancel Microspheres will reach great expansion levels in most extrusion and injection molding lines for plastic automotive interiors. Our specially made masterbatch is perfect for achieving simple, effective processing. Resulting in finished plastic automotive interiors that are lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.

Premium finishes in automotive seats

When it comes to genuine and artificial leather upholsteries, like in automotive seats, comfort, style and appearance is important. Our microspheres will help overcome defects in leather to achieve a premium look and feel in the finish. The expansion of the spheres provide proper filling capacity that fills out cavities in loose flanks of hides giving you more for less. They offer low shrinkage and great buffing properties for supple leathers that are soft to the touch. Plus, with Expancel you'll get an excellent opportunity to achieve surface effects like suede and nubuck. Use coating techniques like knife, blade or roller coating to apply a topcoat that's integrated with Expancel.

All in all, Expancel Microspheres will help develop interior parts that are lighter, soft and durable. The perfect combination for automotive interior products like seats, dashboards, door sides and many other interior parts.

Recommended Expancel products for automotive seats and plastic interiors

Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Expancel DU Dry. Unexpanded For applications where no water can be added: industrial nonwoven textiles, underbody coatings & sealants, silicone rubber, shoe soles, etc.
Expancel DE Dry. Expanded Used in products where no water can be added. Great for polyester putty, cultured marble, model-making board and more.
Expancel WU Wet. Unexpanded For waterborne applications: carpet underlays, printing inks, technical textiles and nonwovens plus more.
Expancel WE Wet. Expanded Solid content of about 15%, used in waterborne products. Great for paint and crack fillers, reflective coatings, leather finishing and more.
Expancel SL Slurry, dispersed in water. Unexpanded Used in applications like core board, box board, paper coatings and leather.

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