Model-making board made with our microspheres already has many useful advantages as its own application area.

It comes as no surprise that that's the case when used specifically in the automotive industry. Expancel Microspheres achieves much lighter model-making board. Even with small dosages.

Model-making boards with excellent surface finish

The micron-sized microspheres will allow you to achieve high uniformity in the model-making board and an excellent surface finish.

With Expancel Microspheres in model-making board, you'll find that shrinkage, warping and cracking is miniscule. Plus, the model-making board is great with tools as our organic microspheres ensures less wear and less irritable dust compared to glass beads.

With our microspheres added in the model-making board, the final product will be faster to turn and form – and quicker to lacquer. Proving Expancel to be a much more effective additive than alternative spheres.

Recommended Expancel product for model-making board

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