Body fillers developed with Expancel Microspheres have extraordinary properties. It's extremely low in density. As 1% of our Expancel reduces densities by up to 46%, our expandable microspheres let you up the volume without adding weight of your body filler.

Body fillers with no pinholes

The small sizes of the uniform, closed cell spheres lets you achieve amazing surface appearances and no pinholes on your body filler. Plus, they provide excellent sanding properties – reducing sanding time of the body filler. Exchanging glass bubbles for Expancel Microspheres inadvertently minimizes wear on sanding tools.

Our microspheres are super easy to apply as their adhesion to resin is excellent. They possess a closed cell structure, which means that water will find it hard to penetrate a surface coated with a body filler containing Expancel. They'll also reduce cracking and shrinkage of the dried body filler and have low impact on the curing parameters.

With Expancel, you can rely on a lightweight, highly protective and cost-reducing ingredient that adds enormous value to automotive production processes.

The best Expancel products for automotive body fillers

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