Less density. More durability. Lower costs. Longer lasting. More sustainable. Enhanced performance. Products of the 21st century have a lot of boxes to tick for those who buy them. For those who design and manufacture them, it’s no different.

Controlled foaming, added volume, less weight, modified surfaces, better insulation, moisture resistance, faster cycle times and cost reductions on raw materials is what you get with us. Choosing Expancel Microspheres also gives you a multi-performance ingredient coupled with 4 decades of expertise in making quality products come to life. Whatever your idea. Whatever real-world benefit you want realize in your application (new or existing), Expancel can make it happen.

Applications where Expancel is used


Closed cell spheres for excellent foaming control across plenty of applications

Cool roof coatings

Solar reflectance that reduce exterior surface temperatures plus high elasticity

Food packaging

Microspheres for consistent performance in protecting food and beverages

Shoe soles

Control foaming when processing and achieve lightweight shoe soles

Technical textiles

A lightweight, highly compressible filler for pure quality at reduced production costs

Lightweight foam

Closed cell-structured, low density, highly expandable microspheres for controlled foaming


Less need for binder, shorter drying time and reduced weight


A cost-saving and production capacity-enhancing solution for bulk

Printing inks

Achieve surfact effects like 3D, matt, smooth velvet and more

Crack fillers

Highly compressible, highly elastic microspheres for great filling capacity

Modelling clay

Microspheres for ductile, anti-shrink and superior handfeel modelling

Wine corks

Regulations-approved solution for highly-resilient, anti-shrink wine corks

Cultured marble

Superior elasticity, shock resistance and reduced weight


Microspheres for nonwoven compositions and fairing compounds

Wind turbines

Save costs on raw materials and improve quality

Polyester putties

1% of Expancel gets a density reduction of 45% plus a host of intrinsic benefits

Underbody coatings and sealants

Reduce weight and dampen sound and vibration

Sealants and adhesives

For more durable, lightweight and cost effective solutions


Highly elastic, and weight, noise and vibration-reducing microspheres

Model-making board for automotive

Cut costs for a more lightweight, more durable board solution

Body fillers for automotive

Lightweight filler with improved sandability and better surfaces


Good filling and nice surface effects

Seats, plastic interiors for automotive

Improve flexibility and surface finishes

Weather strips for automotive

Reduce weight and improve sealing properties

Artificial leather

Simple solution for artificial leather with premium surface effects

Genuine leather

Get the most of leather by covering up defects and upgrading for a true quality look

Endless possibilities

And there are many more applications of Expancel: carpet underlays, cable filling compound.